Monthly Giveaway

TheToyReviewer Fan Mail Address

$20 gift card to Amazon

At the beggining of every month I do a Video Special where I open up your fan mail. Everyone who sends in fan mail has the opportunity to win a $20 gift card to Amazon

Send things such as a pictures, toys, letters, or whatever you'd like to this address:


PO Box 271


I will pick a winner at random after opening all the fan mail. There is no deadline for fan mail. Any fan mail that is not opened will go out in the next fan mail video!

By sending in fan mail you agree to the following rules:

  1. I will open your fan mail on camera.
  2. I will say your first name (never your last).
  3. I may say your state or country (never your full address).
  4. You agree to enter into the giveaway.
  5. You agree to have your prize (if won) sent back to the address you sent your fan mail from.

If you do NOT agree to the (5) rules above then you can still send in mail! Please place a note inside the mail if you have a problem with any of the rules, and I will try my best to make sure your wishes are met.

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